Our Mission

Our mission here at Grace Bible Chapel is to expand God’s kingdom by MAKING and GROWING disciples. We desire to help people come to know God and to grow in their relationship with Him.

Our Vision

Our vision at Grace is to build strong families as we make and grow disciples.

Our Core Values For Making Disciples

  1. We want to emphasize the importance of being “salt and light” at all times in our daily lives.
  2. We purpose to teach, model, exhort, and encourage our congregation to share the gospel with others who don’t yet believe.
  3. We desire to orchestrate an atmosphere on Sunday mornings that is welcoming to all guests, including those who don’t yet believe.
  4. We plan to be involved in God’s world-wide plan for evangelism as both “goers” and “senders,” particularly in the context of foreign missions.

Our Core Values For Growing Disciples

  1. We will strive to provide practical, biblical preaching and teaching for ALL spiritual maturity levels.
  2. We will work to create opportunities for meaningful interaction with other believers.
  3. We purpose to encourage involvement in personal spiritual disciplines.
  4. We desire to provide opportunities to serve others based on gifting and spiritual maturity.
  5. We plan to recognize and celebrate how and when God is at work in our lives.

Grace Bible Chapel
1949 Joseph Biggs Memorial Hwy
Rising Sun, MD 21911

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